Product Codes

  • Grey 30606658


Blend of cement, organic binders and fillers
Approx. 5.2m2 per 25kg bag at 3mm thickness

Key Features

Fibre reinforced and highly flexible
Rapid setting
Suitable with underfloor heating


Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex is a flexible levelling compound reinforced with fibre. It can be applied between 3 – 30mm thicknesses in a single application (5mm maximum total thickness on mastic asphalt screeds). It is suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating installations provided a maximum surface temperature of 27°C is not exceeded. The heating must be switched off at least 48 hours before and after application.

Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex can be used for smoothing and levelling sound strong substrates where minimal vibration or lateral movement occurs. Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex can be laid over most common substrates including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, stone, anhydrite screeds, rigid metal, terrazzo & quarry tiles, and asphalt and other strong, rigid subfloors.

It may also be used over sound firmly bonded timber flooring such as 15mm Marine grade plywood provided the timber is mechanically fixed. Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex should not be used over old adhesive or water soluble residues.

Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex is totally protein and casein free, making it suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas. The low odour formulation makes Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex ideal for use in occupied buildings. It is suitable for normal wear in commercial locations. Not to be used as a wearing surface. For interior use only.

Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex has excellent workability and flow characteristics, is self-smoothing and can be trowelled to a 3mm thickness. It may be used to encapsulate electrical radiant underfloor heating mats. A minimum of 5mm covering before bonding tiling products and 10mm before bonding resilient textile or timber flooring. The substrate to which the UFH matting is fixed must be sound and stable. Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex should always be covered with a floor covering. Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex is not affected by heat from warm water underfloor heating systems, electrical radiant mats or in glazed areas. Warm water underfloor heating must be switched off at least 48 hours before and after applying the compound. Electrical underfloor heating must be left switched off for a minimum of 7 days after application of Bostik Cempolatex Fibreflex.

Case Study
Bostik – Flooring in Healthcare
Bostik – Flooring in Healthcare
Technical advice and quality subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives from Bostik are said to have enabled the progress of the new hospital building.
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