Surface preparation – Bostik Hot Tip

PUBLISHED BY: Damian Groarke, Bostik

SUMMER is here and, once again, the warmer weather will bring a host of new considerations for flooring contractors to take into account when it comes to subfloor preparation. Warm conditions can mean drying times for smoothing compounds are significantly faster, and this combined with the prevalence of fast-track products in the industry today creates potential pitfalls for the uninformed and significant opportunities for those who plan ahead.

Hot tips

  • If site conditions increase to more than 20deg C, the workability of a smoothing compound can start to be reduced and the time available to spike roller will also become limited. To give yourself the best possible chance, try to schedule the task early in the day before temperatures start to rise.
  • When talking about rising temperatures, it isn’t just the site itself that needs to be considered, but also the conditions in which the product is stored before use. Get it wrong and this will have a massive impact on the performance of the product.
  • Keeping liquids in the van all day to get hot, using warm water from taps, leaving bags of products in storage where they’ll absorb significant heat – all these things should be avoided.
  • Floors exposed to significant solar gain e.g. conservatories can have a very high surface temperature, it is advisable to block the light before tiling to keep the room and the floor cool.
  • Protecting areas when finished until all the products used have cured is important to consider as well, thermal shock can put a lot of stress on a newly layed floor.

Let’s hope for plenty long hot days this summer.